3D Scanning for As-Builts

3D Laser Scanning is the most effective method for quickly and accurately capturing a building’s actual shape and dimensions. 3D Scanning is a surveying method which allows for the digitization of buildings and spaces without any need for actual physical contact. This technology uses a laser to extract millions of points which in turn make up a Point Cloud. These point clouds are then used to generate precise 2D Drawings and 3D Models for building analysis to be performed by Architects, Engineers and other professionals in the Design and Construction Industries. This technology is cost-effective due to quick turnaround times and hands-off methods which often prevent the need for scaffolding and extensive labor normally required to document Existing Conditions or As-Built Conditions.


We provide As-Built Drawings

Also know as “Record Plans” or simply “As-Builts”, As-Built Plans are drawings which document accurate measurements of a building alteration, addition or system installation. These drawings are typically prepared for Contractors, Sub-Contractors, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers to fulfill local authority requirements (i.e. Department of Buildings) or to act as a reliable base for design. An As-Built Drawing can often be necessary and even required at multiple points throughout the building design and construction process.

Chelsea Townhouse Floor Plans; 3D Point Cloud to 2D CAD Drawings

Existing Conditions Drawings

MYND Workshop implements 3D Scanning and Traditional Surveying methods to deliver accurate and reliable Existing Conditions Plans for projects of all scales. Existing Conditions drawings document the current state of a space or building. They are often required by Architects, Engineers and other Design Professionals as a base for Project Planning and Design. Such drawings can consist of Existing Floor Plans, Existing Building Elevations, Existing Building Sections and more.

2D Elevations of Historic Brooklyn Building

As-Built Point Clouds for BIM

We work closely with your team to produce accurate Point Clouds which can then be used by third party BIM Specialists to produce reliable Revit® models. Our previous experiences include projects ranging from 2000 square feet to 150,000+ square feet and we are always looking for new challenges.


Floor Scanning & Elevation Maps for Floor Flatness Studies 

Our 3D Laser Scanners allow us to quickly capture Floor Surfaces which can be used for Floor Flatness Studies, Concrete Leveling and Flat Flooring Installations. We provide scaled floor plans with overlaid Elevation Maps and height legends so you know exactly what you are working with.

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