3D Scanning forFilm Production

MYND Workshop uses 3D Scanning to recreate any interior or exterior film set as a Colorized 3D Point Cloud file. These 3D files are then converted into High Quality Textured 3D Models which can be used by Visual Effects Studios and CGI Studios for Special Effects, Animation and more.

3D Scanning forVirtual Reality

MYND Workshop's 3D Laser Scanning Technology has the unique ability to capture the dimensions and textures of a space within seconds. This information can then be converted into a number of 3D model file formats. Our team of experts then use these 3D files within platforms such as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine to recreate Realistic Virtual Environments. The applications for the combination of 3D Scanning and Virtual Reality are infinite. Architects & Interior Designers can provide their clients with VR Walkthroughs of their designs. Virtual tourists can travel the world and visit protected heritage sites, all while using a VR headset or even a smart phone. What are your big ideas for VR? Contact MYND Workshop today to see how we can bring your ideas to reality.

3D Scanning forVideo Game Scene & Level Modeling

MYND Workshop implements 3D Scanning to develop precise 3D Spatial Point Clouds of spaces desired to be used as Video Game Environments. The 3D Scanning technology allows a space to be captured in a 3D Point Cloud with very high precision and within only seconds. Our equipment simultaneously captures HD photos while scanning, allowing for high quality Texture Maps. MYND Workshop works directly with your development team to deliver the proper 3D model formats on time and on budget. We provide models for Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and other Video Game Development platforms.

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