City College of New York Laser Scanning Workshop 2017

MYND Workshop participated in a graduate level studio course at the CUNY Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture in October 2017 by scanning student projects which were constructed at 1:1 scale. We documented the spaces as well as the students interacting with their projects. MYND also gave a brief workshop on the basics of laser scanning, point cloud registration and visualization so that they could use the scanning results as part of their final project documents. The goal of the exercise and workshop was to provide the graduate students with hands on experience using the laser scanner to capture built space and the basic skills required to extract useful information from the point clouds resulting from the scans.


Concrete Break ::

Concrete Break Team: Sadie Wegner, Jacqueline Love, Nicolas Losi, Yennifer Diaz, Brandon Thompson

Studio Professor: LoukiaTsafoulia

String Me Along ::

String Me Along Team: Olivia Sklyarova, Anna Lekanidis, Wafa Kaddour, & Alexandra Chepanova

Studio Professor: Loukia Tsafoulia

The Extension ::

The Extension Team: Kenia Peralta, Rudy Mejia, Patrick Muldoon, Nikitha Menon & Feng Jing You

Chromatic Bridge ::

Chromatic Bridge Team: Alexandra Checa, Valmira Gash, Julia Sokolova, Arezoo Issapour, Tiana Howell

Studio Professor: Marina Correia

Serendipity ::

Project Team: Abby Allen, Dubi Blasberg, Angelica Chico, Hugh Goldstein, Nick Marcinek

Studio Professor: Marina Correia


Studio Professor: Marina Correia

Michael Robison