Realistic Interior Rendering

We work with your company to develop high resolution Architectural Interior Renderings of your projects. We develop quality imagery which may be used for Marketing Materials, Real Estate Advertising, Virtual Home-Staging and Project Presentations. We work alongside your team of interior designers to most accurately bring your vision to life for your clients and presentations.

Realistic Exterior Renderings

MYND Workshop collaborates directly with your company to develop high resolution architectural renderings of your projects. We maintain reliable communication throughout the entire process including design, modeling and rendering. We develop high quality images which are often used for Marketing Materials, Real Estate Advertising, Design Competitions and Project Presentations. We work alongside designers and project managers throughout the schematic design and design development phases for internal design analysis and client presentations. Our experienced team of 3D modeling and rendering experts produce attractive results for all scales including Site Plans, Master Plans, Urban Developments, Transportation Planning & more. We are also experienced in producing "solid" 3D files to be used for 3D Printing and Physical Model Making.

3D Modeling from Point Clouds

MYND Workshop implements 3D Scanning to develop precise Architectural 3D Point Clouds which are then converted into clean and functional 3D models for many different applications. The 3D Scanning technology allows a space to be captured in a 3D Point Cloud with very high precision and within only seconds, allowing for competitive prices and quick turn around times for your pressing deadlines. We deliver 3D models in many different kinds of filetypes including OBJ, DWG, DWF & More. These models may then be used for Realistic Renderings, Virtual Reality Walkthroughs, Home Staging, Competition Presentations, 3D Printing & more.

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