Our Mission

MYND Workshop is a 3D Laser Scanning company founded in 2015 by an Architectural Intern and a Graphic Designer. The Long Island City based company implements 3D Scanning technology as a means of rapidly surveying a building or space to produce highly precise base drawings for Interior Designers, Architects and Engineers. Their mission is to quickly and efficiently provide design documents which are not only accurate and reliable, but also clear to understand and easy on the eye. Their surveying methods allow them to document a complex space or structure and convert it into a digital 3D point cloud file, all within only minutes. Research and Development are important aspects of MYND Workshop as they explore the combinations of 3D Scanning, Virtual Reality and other tech trends as potential tools to examine and document the built environment.

Our Team

MYND Workshop works with a highly skilled team of individuals located in NYC and around the world. Our project managers are up to date with the latest technologies and most effective production methods, allowing MYND Workshop to provide high quality results at competitive prices. Some of our team's key skill areas include Scanning, Point Cloud Processing, Point Cloud Registration, BIM and Revit Modeling, 3D Modeling,  Architectural Drafting, Unity 3D Development, Unreal Development and Realistic Renderings.

The Founders

MYND Workshop was founded by two long time friends, Michael Robison and Dallas Bennett. Both partners bring extensive experience to the table, all revolving around the Architectural and Graphic Design fields. Michael Robison graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2009, and worked for a number of NYC architecture firms until founding MYND Workshop in early 2015. Michael understands what Architects and Contractors expect in a reliable architectural drawing. Dallas Bennett is a graduate in Graphic Design and brings invaluable experience to the company, having worked for high profile companies such as Audi, Spotify, Converse, AOL and many more. Dallas actively researches new technologies such as Scanning, VR and Drones, allowing MYND Workshop to stay on top of the latest trends in technology. Michael's architectural background and Dallas' attention to detail and aesthetics provide for highly precise and beautiful design documents which you can rely on.

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