IAAC Global Summer School 2018 New York City Node

Michael Robison and Dallas Bennett of MYND Workshop led one of four modules of the 2018 IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) Global Summer School in New York, NY. The course was hosted by Terreform ONE based at The New Lab in Brooklyn, NY. More information can found on the IAAC Website.

3D SCANNING Module Syllabus ::

In this session, students will learn about the 3D reality capture process as it applies to architecture and the urban context. Studied capturing methods will include laser scanning, mobile lidar capture, photogrammetry and other related processes for capturing the built environment. Students will participate in the process of laser scanning a selected setting which will then act as a stage for data gathered throughout the course.

Tools and Workflow:
The laser scanning session will begin with a brief overview of the different technologies and workflows available. Students will then observe and participate in the process of capturing a selected space with a terrestrial laser scanner. Afterwards they will learn the process of capturing, processing, registering and exporting the resulting point cloud data which represents a 1:1 scaled 3D reconstruction of the space which they captured.

Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn basic workflow for laser scanning with a terrestrial laser scanner.
Students will learn how to process the data in Faro Scene and / or Autodesk Recap.
Students will learn about the various ways to utilize and visualize the resulting point cloud data.

Michael Robison